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In 2008 I received a lump sum of money from one of my family. I had no idea what to do with this money as I am not financially savvy, so I went along to my bank and asked to see someone for advice. I met with a really nice guy who completely lost me after the first sentence using financial words that I did not understand.

To cut a long story short, he advised me that as the markets were in turmoil I would be advised to place my money into a bond which was “low risk” and that my money would grow over the next 5 years, slowly but surely.

Well imagine my surprise when having had no contact with that person or anyone to do with my investment, when my money came to be released from this 5 year bond in January 2013 it was worth LESS than when I put it in!! 5 years and I lost money – how can that be right?

On questioning the bank manager I was told that even though it was low risk it wasn’t “NO risk” and therefore my investment still carried an element of risk and that my bond had been invested in things that could go up and down and yes most of the things I had been invested in had gone down.

So my money made nothing whatsoever, in 5 years, and, I got back less than I put in all those years ago … And if you take inflation into account I was even more out of pocket!

My bank manager said he could suggest a bond to go forward with “what was left” of my original investment. As you can imagine I left his office very quickly after a very curt thanks but no thanks!!!!

Mrs Marion Llewellyn from Hereford

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