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UK businesses in favour of a new deal with European Union

by International Commercial Investment on September 1, 2014

Source: Reuters

More than half of UK businesses are in favour of re-negotiating their relationship with the European Union, according to a British Chambers of Commerce survey.

Sixty percent of the 3,200 businesses surveyed across the UK believe transferring some powers back to the Westminster would help the country’s business and economic prospects.

While most felt that withdrawing from the 28-nation bloc would damage the UK economy, about 46 percent of the respondents believed further integration with the EU might hinder economic growth.

“Unless the European Union is perceived to function in the interests of all of its member states, it will continue to lose legitimacy not just among the voting public but among business people as well. The prospects for UK business and trade would be improved substantially if meaningful EU reform were to take place.” John Longworth, BCC director general, said in a press statement.

International Commercial InvestmentUK businesses in favour of a new deal with European Union