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Some cities and towns more expensive than parts of London

by International Commercial Investment on December 23, 2014

Source: Property Investors News

Oxford and Brighton amongst other cities and towns in the UK have overtaken some parts of London as the most unaffordable places in the country to rent a property, according to the National Housing Federation (NHF).

Three Rivers in Hertfordshire is now the most unaffordable place outside of the capital to be a private renter, with private rent swallowing up more than half of people’s wages, whilst Oxford, South Bucks and Brighton are now more unaffordable than London boroughs such as Greenwich and Lewisham, with tenants spending over half their salary on rent before they’ve covered any other bills.

David Orr, chief executive of the NHF, said: “Private renters today are getting a raw deal and are paying the price for a housing crisis that’s been decades in the making.

“Unless we build the affordable homes we desperately need, ordinary working families and young people will continue to struggle to pay their rent, and will have less and less money left to cover basic bills like food and heating.

“We need a long term plan from politicians to put this right. We’re calling on all political parties to commit to end the housing crisis within a generation.”

Top 20 most unaffordable places to rent outside of London

 Local Authority Area Proportion of income
spent on rent to private
Average (mean)
monthly private
sector rents
Average (mean)
annual earnings
Three Rivers 54.30% £1,372 £30,306
South Bucks 54.10% £1,530 £33,935
Oxford 50.30% £1,113 £26,536
Forest Heath 50.20% £825 £19,734
Brighton and Hove UA 49.50% £1,102 £26,718
Runnymede 48.80% £1,252 £30,800
Cotswold 47.90% £922 £23,098
Welwyn Hatfield 47.50% £1,103 £27,888
Hertsmere 46.30% £1,128 £29,224
Bath and North East Somerset UA 45.70% £964 £25,324
Exeter 45.30% £840 £22,266
Sevenoaks 44.60% £1,345 £36,171
Purbeck 44.60% £758 £20,394
Epsom and Ewell 44.60% £1,224 £32,942
Bracknell Forest UA 44.40% £1,102 £29,775
Guildford 44.00% £1,257 £34,320
Tandridge 43.90% £1,181 £32,292
Elmbridge 43.60% £1,579 £43,508
Windsor and Maidenhead UA 43.50% £1,342 £36,982
East Dorset 43.10% £858 £23,899
International Commercial InvestmentSome cities and towns more expensive than parts of London