[img_reflect_right src=”/wp-content/uploads/investment-partners.jpg”]ICI have a management team to help provide you with the very best all round support, ensuring you focus your efforts on your client and not on the paperwork. Many have come from regulated backgrounds and hold leading industry qualifications.

Garry Friel FAIQ CII (Award ) – Senior Investment Manager

Garry is the Senior Investment Manager at ICI and started his career as a trainee graduate in Winterthur over 18 years ago. He has continued in the regulated financial service industry and worked for companies Credit Suisse, Zurich and Countrywide to name a few.

“The financial service industry has always fallen short in terms of the lack of consistency in customer service due to the fear of regulation and red tape.  Moving from the regulated to non-regulated market allows me to transpose the positive regulated mindset from my financial background to make a difference in the non regulated industry.  There has been a big hole in the market in terms of opportunities for investors and advisors looking for a safe environment in the newer non-regulated markets and feel it is now time for someone to step forward .”

Garry is a Newcastle United fan but whose passion for sport is cycling. Other than the Olympics, Bradley Wiggins winning the Tour de France this year was a great inspiring moment.

Lynne Payne FAIQ CII (Award ) – International Investment Manager

Lynne is Internationally qualified as well as a member of the FSA CII UK and started her financial career with The Bank of Wales. Lynne has a holistic approach to her clients and their investments, and ensures that needs and expectations are met with an honest, safe and realistic approach, offering Wealth Management solutions to the most discerning investor.  She works closely within the ex-pat community with regard to enhancing any investments they may have, and ensuring continued growth for savings or investments especially those which are not performing to the optimum, particularly during times when markets have such volatility.

“Having lived outside of the UK for 15 years, I am fully aware of the necessity to make investments which ensure safe maximum growth – whilst using low to medium risk vehicles and using my clients personal risk profile as the benchmark.”

Having worked for the past 7 years in Dubai as a Senior Wealth Manager for a major company in the Financial Services Market with offices worldwide.

Lynne has been married for 36 years, has a grown up daughter and a new grand daughter.

Jane Reynolds – Investment Manager

Jane was a lawyer for 21 years specialising in Property and Employment Law. Having worked in the Bristol/Bath area and then becoming a Partner at a very well established 150 year old firm in Somerset.

“I put real importance in finding investments which will maximise my clients returns and I also feel that the more I can personalise the relationship between myself and my client, the better I can fully realise their objectives from any investment”.

Jane loves dog walking, mountain biking and is a keen traveler who enjoys discovering new places and cultures.

James Johnson – Investment Manager

James started his career as a trainee stockbroker for a very well know equities house in the City of London which gave him a zest to know and learn more about the fast moving yet thrilling investment arena. He then went on to trade Agri-Commodities with some of the world’s best traders managing millions of pounds worth of clients’ monies. James always had a vision to do something for those less fortunate than himself, when presented with an opportunity to venture into the new exciting Emerging Markets such as previous war torn countries in the Middle East and even the vibrant continent of Africa, he jumped at the chance to see firsthand the truth of rebuilding a country from scratch.

James is very much “hands on” when dealing with his clients. He has a vision to provide the best service with incomparable levels of professionalism.

“When working with clients I use a set criteria; I ask myself. 1. Is the investment good for the client? 2. Will it satisfy the clients risk profile? 3. Will the vehicle make money for my client? If all three of those questions are answered yes, then the client receives a 100% stamp of approval, thus receiving a recommendation for the investment opportunity”.

When dealing with investments, James has a true understanding of the sky really being the limit. Most importantly of all he has an exceptional understanding of keeping his feet grounded and making a decision based on the facts rather than his emotions.

Jess Wooler MCIM DipM – International Marketing Manager

Jess is responsible for the marketing strategy; communications, brand management and development, website, marketing collateral and customer engagement activity at ICI. Having started in marketing over 7 years ago, Jess has played a key role in achieving a higher revenue growth for her companies by setting up processes and standards, developing and growing communication strategy, and in building strong brands.

“For me, the importance is in understanding our clients, what they are looking for from us as a business and making sure we communicate the right message to the right people at the right time.  I’m always keen to hear feedback from clients to help make sure our communication activity is as succinct as it can be.”

Jess is a keen reader of thriller novels.

Louise Beaumont – Client Relationship Manager

Louise joined ICI in January 2012 as Client Relationship Manager. Louise’s main responsibility is to develop working relationships with new and existing clients.

“All my clients are important to me and my personal ethos is to provide the very best service, offering as much added value as I can”.

Louise started her career when she was 20 years old having taken a Business Studies degree.  She worked for Wrigleys as a PA to the Company Accountant for several years and then decided to move to London and work as a Client Liaison Officer for the two Overseas Directors at Black & White Whisky.  Having taken a career break to have two sons; Louise then studied for a Psychology and Integrative Counselling Degree and set up her own part-time Counselling Clinic, which she still continues to do in her spare time.

Louise also enjoys long walks with her dogs and grandson; watching the Grand Prix, Rugby and many other sports (except for football!).

Julie McGuire FCCA BA(Hons) – Compliance & Client Liaison Manager

Julie is a qualified accountant, with over 20 years of accounting and finance experience , gained in a number of SME companies, much of it at a senior or director level.

My main responsibility is to ensure that everything is in order from the point of agreement to invest, right through to finalisation of the investment. I work closely with clients and solicitors to ensure a smooth and seamless process”.

Julie is also a trained dancer and enjoys cooking in her spare time.

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