Opportunity to Invest in German Property

Fixed Interest Rate with Option of 2 or 5 year terms

International Commercial Investment offers investors the opportunity to invest in a unique structure. This structure utilises the asset class of listed buildings in the country of Germany. Raising investment funds via the method of a Loan Note Instrument enables the purchase of listed buildings, which are subsequently sold to German citizens.

The Investor’s capital and interest is secured on the building by a REGISTERED FIRST LEGAL CHARGE. This first legal charge is registered with the German Land Registry and is held by an appointed Independent Security Trustee. It is the Security Trustee’s duty to ensure the investor’s funds are safeguarded and interests protected.

The German tax legislation that makes this such an attractive and viable proposition is highly unlikely to change in the current economic climate. This is because the German Government is eager to have listed buildings, which are often in a derelict condition, refurbished at no expense to the exchequer.

Furthermore, the German Government Budget only takes place once every 5 years, unlike annually in the UK. Strict and detailed Due Diligence is carried out on each property prior to purchase. Additionally, we only ever purchase German Listed Buildings in prime locations which offer the German buyers excellent rental opportunities once the listed building is renovated and ready for occupancy.

  • 5 year term
  • Fixed interest rate with 2 or 5 year options
  • Proven & fully auditable track record
  • The activity that generates the return resides in Germany
  • First legal charge on the underlying asset class
  • Detailed Due Diligence pack available with professional scrutiny encouraged
  • Welcomes any professional risk assessment
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