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Good times for the UK property investment sector

by International Commercial Investment on May 30, 2014

Currently, the UK property investment sector has reasons to celebrate. According to the last report about this market published by the Economic Voice, the UK is one of the cheapest places to invest in properties.  These details were collected by Taxland–one of the largest independent organisations of tax advisors to international businesses–in accordance with what they call ‘Total Tax Take’. This concerns the total cost of taxes, which are related to property buying and selling, property development and property rental.

Many companies have known how to take advantage of this positive aspect and offer several opportunities of investing in this area. A clear example is the commercial investment consultancy International Commercial Investment (ICI), based in London, which has a wide range of this kind of product among its investment opportunities. In addition, ICI has recently launched an exclusive opportunity of investing in properties: Keeper’s Chase, a development of ten new detached homes with 4 bedrooms in Longridge, near Preston (UK).

One of the main objectives of International Commercial Investment is to bring investors the opportunity to invest safely, and thanks to Keeper’s Chase—among other products—this is possible due to an expected return of over 16% within 12 months. Sherwood Homes Limited will carry out the development works.  It is very important to emphasise that the developer has a long professional record of success spanning many projects. Moreover, the Local Authority, whose principal task is to ensure Building Regulation compliance, will oversee all works and will emit a Certificate of Building Regulation Compliance at the end of the activity.

Regarding Keeper’s Chase’s shares, there are 1000 available at £2,512.13 each and the minimum investment required is 4 shares (£10,048.52). These shares are available to purchase in the Single Purpose Vehicle (SPV), which is set up by a leading Manchester law firm that owns the site exclusively.

According to the Economic Voice, the United Kingdom has the second lowest tax rate on property development at 8.88%, following very closely Luxembourg’s 8.46%. The fact that there is no tax on land ownership­­—unless the property is not occupied—makes the UK even more attractive for property investments and supposes an interesting option also for international investors.

International Commercial InvestmentGood times for the UK property investment sector