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Another Property Investment Opportunity from Beech Holdings

by International Commercial Investment on July 2, 2015

Once again our collaboration and leading UK residential development partners, Beech Holdings (Manchester) Limited, have come through with an enticing property investment opportunity in Manchester city centre, Cross Street to be more specific.

Building works have now started and should be complete within the year, with individual apartment petitioning to be available by the end of July.  This property investment opportunity consists of a magnificent building that has been vacant for several years, and in which Beech Holdings expects to develop 27 high quality, space-saving  and energy efficient apartments.

These apartments will not only be carbon-neutral and energy efficient with details such as solar panels and heat recovery systems, but will also implement the latest contemporary space-saving techniques, such as underfloor heating  to save space taken up by radiators, as well. 

The modernity of these apartments, added to the high demand for affordable one-bed starter homes,  will make them eye candy for our target market, which mainly consist of recent graduates moving out of student accomodations and looking to start their first jobs, as well as older professionals looking to enjoy the commodities of living in the city centre at economical prices.

We would like for you to join us on this property investment venture in which we will keep you up to date with regular progress reports on this and on further projects that we have in mind for the future.  To find out more about the property investment and what you can potentially earn, visit our investment portfolio.

International Commercial InvestmentAnother Property Investment Opportunity from Beech Holdings