About International Commercial Investment

International Commercial Investment brings considerable industry expertise to create innovative solutions.  Both ourselves and our experienced professional partners work with you to create a safe and secure platform to realise your short and long term investment goals.

Our independent position within the market allows us to fully investigate opportunities and to structure investment portfolios that meet our clients’ financial and risk objectives.

International Commercial Investment

International Commercial Investment provides a variety of services to our private and corporate clients.  Our due diligence procedures thoroughly investigate the investment opportunities beforehand, ensuring we know that:

  • The market is resilient and offers good opportunities for profit.
  • The investment structure is both secure and transparent.
  • There is adequate regulation and defined minimum standards.
  • An exit strategy is clear from the outset.

We also have specialist knowledge in niche investment areas such as crowdfunding initiatives and commercial property investment, with expert consultants in both of these fields, as well as a solid network of contacts to ensure that we can always offer the best crowdfunding or property investment opportunity to suit your long term and short term investment needs. We focus our efforts on establishing beneficial, long-term relationships with our investors, ensuring that our clients benefit from our expertise. Our clients request the services of International Commercial Investment because they trust the high level of expertise we bring to both commercial and alternative investments.

As a responsible consultancy we do not handle our clients funds.

International Commercial InvestmentAbout International Commercial Investment