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Another Property Investment Opportunity from Beech Holdings

by International Commercial Investment on July 2, 2015

Once again our collaboration and leading UK residential development partners, Beech Holdings (Manchester) Limited, have come through with an enticing property investment opportunity in Manchester city centre, Cross Street to be more specific.

Building works have now started and should be complete within the year, with individual apartment petitioning to be available by the end of July.  This property investment opportunity consists of a magnificent building that has been vacant for several years, and in which Beech Holdings expects to develop 27 high quality, space-saving  and energy efficient apartments.

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International Commercial InvestmentAnother Property Investment Opportunity from Beech Holdings

Airport car park investment, a new business opportunity

by International Commercial Investment on May 21, 2015

International Commercial Investment has recently launched a new business opportunity: an airport car park investment. It consists of long-stay airport car parking spaces next to Glasgow Airport that will offer investors the chance to purchase individual long stay car parking spaces, along with full title deed registered in your own name at the Land Registry, and receive up to 12% returns annually.

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International Commercial InvestmentAirport car park investment, a new business opportunity

International Commercial Investment Explain how you can Make Your Money Grow With Their new Manchester Airport T2 Hotel Investment

by International Commercial Investment on November 17, 2014

Many of us would like to see our money grow, but International Commercial Investment realise that there are few that are willing to play a high-risk game – most people have worked too hard to jeopardise it. Despite the economic downturn over the past few years and the slow rate of recovery we have witnessed, air travel continues to be a growth area, as global trade and tourism shows no sign of decreasing.

One UK airport in particular has shown steady if not spectacular growth over recent times. Manchester Airport is currently undergoing an £800 million development programme, which it is said, is the largest in the country after the redevelopment of the East End of London for the 2012 Olympics. Self-styled as an Atlantic Gateway, it’s one of the busiest airports in the country with over 1.2 million passengers travelling through it in January 2014 alone.

How can this information benefit you? Simply by realising that many of these passengers, particularly those on long-haul flights or those with unsociable take-off and landing times, need somewhere to stay near the airport. Quality accommodation is in short supply in the surrounding area unless you are prepared to sleep under the flight path.

There now exists an opportunity for people interested in international commercial investment to be part of a high yield, low risk prospect in the form of a genteel, Grade II, Georgian listed mansion which operates as a bespoke 64-bedroom hotel, just 9 miles from Manchester city centre and, unbelievably within walking distance from the airport.  The Hotel has recently been taken over by a new management company, an experienced hotel operator with a proven track record of maximising returns on investments.  The company is currently implementing various improvements to the hotel, such as the installation of a new online booking system, as well as a soft refurbishment, which along with the foreseen expansion of Manchester Airport, should provide a significant uplift in bookings and profitability.

If you haven’t considered hotel investment before, take a look at the facts: a minimum £10k investment over 6 years will bring you an average annual return of 9.4% and your funds are automatically repaid to you at the end of Year 6. Manchester Terminal 2 hotel investment may be the opportunity you’ve been looking for by which you can watch your savings take flight.   To invest, just contact International Commercial Investment, a low risk investment consultancy, which have been appointed as an authorised agent for the investment.

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International Commercial InvestmentInternational Commercial Investment Explain how you can Make Your Money Grow With Their new Manchester Airport T2 Hotel Investment

24/7 Legal Assistance Business Hub by International Commercial Investment

by International Commercial Investment on March 24, 2014

With the state of the world we live in today, it is essential that we are always legally protected. Both companies and individuals are not exempt from encountering a legal issue at any time, so we have to be ready to face these obstacles if and when they arise. Moreover, nowadays Government policy tries to reduce the cost of the legal system to the UK taxpayer, which is causing a reduction in access to publicly funded legal assistance. Therefore people are being forced to pay for legal services out of their own pockets. On this note, International Commercial Investment has discovered a way of offering not only a valuable service, but also an ideal opportunity for investment. This is the 24/7 Legal Assistance Business Hub, where qualified solicitors provide a 24 hour legal advice help line on any legal matter.

Thanks to 24/7 Business hub, International Commercial Investment offers investors the possibility of obtaining returns of 8% on capital expenditure for 5 years, with full capital repayment during the period of the investment. This investment also provides a great source of continual income growth, as the dividend is paid every six month.

This is being submitted as a unique crowd funding opportunity, which is represented by a very important firm of UK solicitors, which is associated with the UK Law Society.

This law firm has selected two national organisations to launch the Legal Expensure Insurance (LEI): a national bank and a national association. Both institutions expect that the product will be launched by the end of March 2014.

A very significant factor which the investor should note regarding the 24/7 Business Hub, is that all of LEI´s solicitors count on qualified accounts, barristers and senior QC lawyers. The policy can be adapted to suit comercial businesses and can even be adjusted to offer a tailored insurance cover for any organisation with more than 500 members. It means that the LEI is perfectly suited to any kind of business. Another positive aspect is that the LEI product can be “White Labelled” to offer proprietorship to each institution. On the other hand, legal assistance is provided for professional and legal charges for up to £100,000 per event.

Legal issues are vitally important to Business. That is the reason why 24/7 Business Hub offers all services subject to accurate investigation and diligence procedures.

To find out more information about this investment, please visit our website:

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International Commercial Investment24/7 Legal Assistance Business Hub by International Commercial Investment

Another Successful Investment Initiative Released by International Commercial Investment

by International Commercial Investment on March 17, 2014

Recent gloomy Government announcements have indicated that Britain’s current housing crisis may last ten years or more. In the UK we’re facing a massive shortage not only of starter homes but good quality family homes in particular. As fewer social housing schemes are built, the onus has fallen onto private developers to take the initiative and add to the current housing stock.

Investors looking for safe, lucrative investment opportunities are now realising the potential of UK property investment and, thanks to companies such as International Commercial Investment (ICI), more and more people are able to take advantage of this sort of low-risk, high yield investment solution.

ICI recently offered investors the chance to be part of a unique opportunity when it invited them to help ‘crowd fund’ a housing development in the North of England. Fairway View was planned as a development of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom townhouses and detached executive homes and was designed to take advantage of the natural beauty of the rolling landscape and offer realistic and affordable quality homes for families.

The unique nature of this development, however, was its revenue stream. Crowdfunding is becoming increasingly popular as a method of financing ventures, which are usually artistic in nature, but is now growing in popularity as a UK property investment vehicle. It simply involves a large number of people pooling their resources invariably, to support a specific investment.

Crowdfunding is being used to purchase the site, as well as build and develop the properties, which are going to be completed in less than a year. It proved tremendously popular for investors looking at UK real estate investment opportunities, especially when the initial investment outlay compared to the potential returns were taken into consideration. A modest investment of under £2,000 was needed to purchase one share. This attracted a return of almost £400, together with the original investment figure, which amounts to over 20%. One thousand shares were offered through International Commercial Investment’s crowdfunding initiative and were rapidly sold out.

International Commercial Investment has a proven track record of offering investors low risk, high yield investment opportunities via alternative investments. In recent years it has thoroughly investigated the medium of crowd funding and found it to be a secure and reliable method of allowing risk-averse investors to earn similar levels of returns which are usually only seen by those investing large sums in high-risk ventures.

For more information visit:

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International Commercial InvestmentAnother Successful Investment Initiative Released by International Commercial Investment


by International Commercial Investment on March 12, 2014

The current economic downturn coupled with the fear of losing money doesn’t make it easy for people to invest in any product. People who are interested in investing in these challenging times are looking not only for a low risk product, but also one that provides high yield returns in the short term too. This forces investment companies to work much harder to ensure that the investment products they bring to the market will guarantee the lowest risks to their clients, which is exactly what International Commercial Investment has managed to achieve.  

International Commercial Investment is one of the UK’s leading alternative commercial investment providers and have just launched their latest investment opportunity, The Knoll, a development of two prestigious new build luxury homes in Wilpshire. 

Located in a picturesque village in the county of Lancashire, The Knoll will be built in harmony with Blackburn’s Victorian architecture. Both properties have been individually designed to very high standards. The plots provide around 4.200 and 3,800 square feet. They feature 4 and 6 bedrooms, a garage and impressive mature gardens. Furthermore, one of the properties boasts its very own outdoor swimming pool. 

International Commercial Investment will provide this latest investment opportunity through ‘crowdfunding’. This investment model has become a very popular method of funding investment initiatives over the last three years. It formed from a collection of people who share a common interest to support a specific investment or company. This kind of finance lets investors earn high level of returns without having to invest a very large amount of money. A report submitted by the University of Cambridge, the innovation charity Nesta and the University of California (Berkeley, USA) states that in the UK, the alternative finance market – including crowdfunding – grew from £492m pounds in 2012 to £939m in 2013.

The Knoll is expected to be finished in 14 months and is expected to offer a return to investors of over 25%.

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The Convent: Grade II listed Hotel in the Cotswolds – International Commercial Investment (ICI) set to launch its first Crowdfunding Investment Opportunity

by International Commercial Investment on March 1, 2014

A high-risk approach to investment is not for everyone, which is why International Commercial Investment (ICI) is launching a new, secure investment opportunity for its clients.

Investors seeking low risk, high yield returns are now invited to participate in a relatively new form of investment opportunity in a boutique hotel in the Cotswolds, The Convent Hotel & Spa.  

Beyond Boutique Hotels is the brainchild of Matthew Roberts and Frazer Fearnhead, the driving forces behind the highly successful boutique hotel Babington House in Somerset.  By increasing cash flow, through ‘crowdfunding’, Beyond Boutique Hotels are significantly more profitable than traditionally run hotels.

Crowdfunding, which has grown in popularity over the last two years, involves the coming together, or ‘crowding’, of a number of people who share a common interest. It has been used as a form of international commercial investment to fund projects as diverse as disaster relief, artistic ventures, political campaigns and innovation development.

Hotel investment is becoming increasingly popular with investors because of three very important reasons: because of its ‘crowd-funded’ structure a relatively small commercial investment can achieve the kind of returns usually only found in large investment schemes; the increased cash flow in the hotels themselves cuts overheads and makes the hotel significantly more profit than that of a hotel run on traditional lines; and finally the booking model utilised is unique, in that the availability is marketed directly to niche organisations who require regular block bookings, maximising occupancy rates, reducing marketing budgets and reducing the level of staff required.

Typically, for investors looking for a safe commercial investment, yields can be up to 20% per year and an exit is assured if they require. The Convent Hotel and Spa, in the picturesque Cotswolds, is the first of many such Boutique Hotels planned in discreet locations around the UK being offered by International Commercial Investment, which will set the model for this unique and lucrative type of commercial investment.

For more information visit:

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International Commercial InvestmentThe Convent: Grade II listed Hotel in the Cotswolds – International Commercial Investment (ICI) set to launch its first Crowdfunding Investment Opportunity