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Airport car park investment, a new business opportunity

by International Commercial Investment on May 21, 2015

International Commercial Investment has recently launched a new business opportunity: an airport car park investment. It consists of long-stay airport car parking spaces next to Glasgow Airport that will offer investors the chance to purchase individual long stay car parking spaces, along with full title deed registered in your own name at the Land Registry, and receive up to 12% returns annually.

Airport car park investment

As the UK population increases approximately 0.6% annually, so does its need for transportation. It is estimated that within the next 15 years there will be approximately 40 million cars more on UK roads. However, the percentage increase of vehicle ownership will dramatically surpass the increase of available parking spaces. This lack of availability of parking space is evident in all aspects of UK infrastructure, including airports.

As UK airports grow in size to meet the constant traveller traffic increment, so grows the demand for parking spaces within them. With UK airport cark parks working at full capacity, investors see this investment opportunity more clearly as time goes by.

The airport car park investment market is growing at an unprecedented rate, currently being worth over £12 billion. Because, let´s face it, with initial investments ranging between £20,000-£30,000, and ROI´s ranging from a minimum 8% to 12% over a span of 6 years, it´s hard not to jump aboard these investment opportunities.

How car park investments work

Starting at around £20,000, you can purchase a six year lease on an airport parking space. Each space has a single title deed which is registered in your name at the land registry. Obviously the more parking spaces you buy, the higher your return.

Like any property investment, selecting the right location is essential and Glasgow Airport is perfect for this investment product. Once you acquire your space, you re-lease it to an airport car park management company who will manage the rentals for you. After that, you can just sit back and bring in the benefits on your airport car park investment. Returns on your investment will be 8% in years 1 and 2; projected 10% in years 3 and 4, and projected 12% in years 5 and 6.

This property investment has been so succesfull that after selling the car parks 1,2,3 and 4, the latest park site 5 is already 70% sold.

In addition to this car park investment, ICI provides a wide range of property investments to suite the varying needs and requirements of every investor.



International Commercial InvestmentAirport car park investment, a new business opportunity